The perfect ballet class for adults, whether or not they have danced before. Miss Fiona is an excellent teacher who enables each pupil to maximise potential through her superb demonstration of dance, in combination with clear and imaginative instruction. Above all she conveys the sheer joy of dancing. Having returned to ballet with Fiona 5 years ago, after a break of nearly 40 years, I am amazed that she has enabled me to continue to improve my technique and to increase my flexibility. I intend to continue with my ballet classes for as long as possible because they have become an integral part of my physical and psychological well-being.

Leslie (age 72)


Fiona Grotefeld, Principle,
Beaconsfield School of Dance

Address: 12 Kite Wood Road, Penn, Buckinghamshire, HP10 8HH

Mobile: 07808 268036

Landline: 01494 815238


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